20 July 2020
ScaleUp Porto Open Call 2020 shortlists seven ground-breaking projects
The Call for proposals under the "Convocatória Aberta 2020" of the ScaleUp Porto aims to promote activities that boost the city's entrepreneur ecosystem. The ideas presented were a match of technology and entrepreneurship and the jury selected seven of those projects that were formally validated on 20th July, during the Municipal Executive Meeting. 

This is the fourth consecutive edition that challenges the technological community in Porto and the selected projects will encourage the exploration of both competence and innovation in the city's ecosystem.

Each of the projects will be granted 10 thousand euros for implementation. They are as follows:

Future Female Founders Program, by Press Play, combines inspiration, networking and training. These are the three pillars of this programme, aimed at supporting women in tech, namely business development and Skills enhancement.

International Datathon, by Ripply, is an international data scientists' competition, with a focus on intelligent cities and open data to creating technological expertise on tech issues between the communities.

Porto Tech Hiring Conference, by Landing.Jobs, features the best practices regarding Recruiting and Talent Management and are the great highlight of the event, where professionals gather to assess the latest trends.

The State of Presence Report, by ThePowerHouse GmbH, provides solutions toward innovation in a context of the so called "new normal". By means of interviews and screening, contents will be created that help understand the new methodologies and opportunities that ought to be implemented in an innovation ecosystem.

Making Our Future, by Tinker City da Associação VIVA Lab, raises challenges regarding project selection, prototyping by raising youth awareness on what makers do., by Made With MOXY delivers a true community rendez-vous on the digital challenges that boost empowerment focused on JavaScript, Design e Marketing.

Finally, Culture Code, by Lemonworld, is the seventh selected project and it will adopt the podcast format to sharing stories that can, somehow, help pave the way toward success and a strong business culture.
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