02 June 2021
SDC Investimentos changes name to Capitólio and invests 15 million in Porto Business Plaza

SDC Investimentos changed its name and image, now denominated as Capitólio. The newly created Capitólio, jointly controlled and managed by Gonçalo Andrade Santos and António Castro Henriques, heads a group of companies operating in the areas of real estate development and venture capital.

"The changes in the name and image clarify the company's positioning and symbolize its entry into a new phase, after having stopped intervening in any form in the construction business area", explained the directors.

According to the company, the group's main asset is the Porto Business Plaza business center, which has 49,000 square meters, including more than 30,000 sq. mt. of offices, and where an investment program of more than 15 million euros for its full requalification is underway.

At hand is, as reported about two years ago, an old shopping center located in the heart of Porto, in the Bonfim area, which opened in 1996.

SDC Investimentos, now Capitólio, which according to Jornal de Negócios sold its stake (33.3%) in the capital of construction company Soares da Costa, "closed the year 2020 with consolidated net income of 3.9 million euros, equity capital of 9.2 million euros and total assets of 68.6 million euros".

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