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Seven Principles Arrives in Porto

Seven Principles' operation in Porto starts with 20 people but aims to reach 120. The German company Seven Principles is yet another technology sector company choosing Porto for its international expansion.

Seven Principles Arrives in Porto
04 Jun 2024
Seven Principles, a German company specializing in innovation in the IT sector, is one of the latest newcomers to Porto's technology ecosystem. With offices in the city center and an initial team of 20 people, the company aims to grow to 120 employees, taking advantage of the availability and quality of local human resources.

The city of Porto continues to attract international companies in the technology sector. The location, quality of life, and high qualifications of local specialists are just a few reasons for this interest.

With the opening of its office on Rua de Sá da Bandeira, Seven Principles joins this list. According to the company's national director, Marco Lizardo, "future projects originating from Germany will mostly be developed and supported by talents based in Portugal, promoting a union of professionals with many years of experience and promising young graduates."

The general manager of Seven Principles, Reiner Moser, explained that the choice of Portugal took into account "the opportunities found here, particularly the professionalism of local IT specialists, combined with their cosmopolitan mindset, which will facilitate collaboration with other international teams."