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Sitel Group will hire 300 new employees in June (telecommuting)

Sitel Group will hire 300 new employees in June (telecommuting)
Human Resources · 27 May 2021

Sitel Group continues to recruit with the objective of hiring 300 new employees during the month of June for remote work opportunities. Having already hired 400 new employees in the months of April and May. In total, the company intends to recruit 700 new employees in three months, offering a career opportunity for those who wish to embrace a new challenge, in a flexible work modality suited to the current context.

For the recruitment process that is still on-going, Sitel is looking for candidates who are fluent at a native level in the languages ​​of French and Italian. The application will be to perform functions to support clients in the banking, tourism, and aviation sectors and to provide technical support for television streaming sectors. Although applications from those who already have technical skills in the Customer Care area are valued, Sitel offers the necessary training to new employees.

Benedita Miranda, General Manager Sitel Portugal, Greece, and Italy, says "we have been in the recruitment process since April, having already recruited around 400 new employees fluent in German, Spanish, Dutch, and English. Right now, we need candidates for the French and Italian markets to be able to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to build a team of excellence, therefore, all Sitel employees receive extensive training so that we can ensure the creation of a team of excellence with qualified and specialized professionals. We believe that employees are the mirror of our company and, therefore, we count on them to contribute to the success of our customers".

With the remote work solution, called Sitel at Home™, the company allows employees to be connected in real-time with the rest of the team; have access to an omnichannel solution, being able to communicate via voice, chat, social media, among others; have online training in real-time, send emails, make videoconferences, in a safe and protected way. The use of technologies applied to remote working allows Sitel to provide Customer Experience services in an optimized way, since it provides greater flexibility in the management of customers, a reduction in costs and the provision of services from home.

Sitel recruits continuously throughout the year, in order to meet the challenges posed by its customers. To apply for a job offer, just send an email to: