Sonae Tech Hub
20 July 2020
Sonae Tech Hub receives LEED Platinum certification
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The Sonae Tech Hub, the most recent office building on the Sonae Campus, in Maia, was awarded the LEED - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification by the United States Green Building Council, with the Platinum level.

With an award of 89 points, this is the highest certification awarded to a building in Portugal to date, rewarding its characteristics of environmental sustainability. Involving an investment of around 11 million euros, this is the most eco-efficient building built in the country, and one of the 100 best in the world.

For João Günther Amaral, member of Sonae's Executive Committee and Chief Development Officer, "Sonae is committed to sustainability and committed to actively contributing to achieve the sustainable development goals set for 2030. The Sonae Tech Hub, the new building at Sonae Campus that receives the technology areas of the various companies of the group, is an example of this commitment”. 

"Being in the top 100 worldwide for the most eco-efficient buildings is a huge source of pride», says this official, who points out that «this building stands out for having been developed and built with the highest standards of environmental efficiency and for providing conditions unique habitability features, in addition to fostering collaboration, creativity and the well-being of employees. But more importantly, it shows that, if all new buildings constructed in Portugal and in the world follow the principles of the Sonae Tech Hub, it is possible to achieve the defined sustainability goals and contribute to the safeguarding of the planet”.

The building has a total of 570 sq. mt. of solar panels that allow a 40% reduction in electricity consumption, 100% low-consumption LED lighting with automatic regulation depending on the outside light and favors the efficient use of water with the use of rainwater.

In line with its sustainability and efficiency policy, Sonae today has four buildings certified by the U. S. Green Building Council, among offices and food retail stores.

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