Future Shapers
12 May 2021
Start & Scale 2021 Porto: the technological community that is “shaping the world”

"Future Shapers” is the theme of the fifth edition of the Start & Scale Week, and the outlining objective is the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. All initiatives, organised by the ScaleUp Porto strategy are held in the digital format, between 24 and 28 May.

The five day Start&Scale week will launch events to boost synergies, similar to the "Doing Business”, in collaboration with established industries and startups. Under the motto "together we can shape the future, in collaboration with all parties in the city”, the Future Shapers platform will share testimonies, stories and talks that approach past, present and the future of Porto’s ecosystem regarding entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide individual experiences to participants, at their own pace.

This year’s main objective is to strengthen the role of entrepreneurs in Porto’s ecosystem, who shape the future of the city on a daily basis, by creating skilled employment, and by innovating and contributing to the economic and social development.

All contents include the testimony of dozens of entrepreneurs, innovators and facilitators that help build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem that resolves challenges, generates value, opportunities and qualified employment.

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