Student residences: Porto in the sights of investors
19 December 2019
Student residences: Porto in the sights of investors
Vida Imobiliária

Valeo Management Europe, which specializes in the student housing market has just strengthened the assets of the VStudent Aulis fund through a new project in Porto, whose construction work has just started.

In a statement, Valeo Management Europe reveals that "construction work has just begun on the construction of a new student residence in Porto, after the acquisition of the corresponding land and the development of the necessary projects."

"With the development of the project on the land in Porto, we entered a tremendously attractive market that is the Portuguese. Porto is the second-largest student city in Portugal, and almost half of them come from other cities, so we are confident that the LIV Student residences we are going to promote will be very popular”, says Ignacio Bilbao, Chief Executive Officer for Spain and Portugal of Valeo Management Europe.

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