14 January 2021
Study unveils the sectors which will grow the most in Portugal this year
Aicep Portugal Global
The Robert Walters Salary Survey identified the sectors that will grow most in Portugal this year.

Digital Transformation, E-commerce, Analytics and Business Intelligence
In 2021, Portugal will witness the development and continuation of current major market trends, namely digital transformation, e-commerce, Data & Analytics, process improvement and implementation of Lean methodologies. Thus, there will be a great need for Cybersecurity, front-end and CTO profiles, as well as Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and E-commerce profiles.

Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics
Companies will seek to achieve optimized performance in an increasingly competitive environment - Artificial Intelligence and automation are gaining importance and companies hope to drive data-based decision making, which means that Data, AI and robotics profiles will be one of the main hiring trends in 2021 in most sectors, from Engineering to IT, human resources, strategy definition, including Finance and Marketing.


Renewable energy
Finally, in engineering, an exponential investment in renewable energies is expected at European level in 2021, and a common search for optimization, productivity and competitiveness: scouting profiles and project management will be the main trend in renewable energies, and the entire supply chain in the manufacturing industries will have a strong improvement in quality and modernization.
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