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Sword Health has more than 50 open job vacancies in Portugal

With about 750 employees, the company has more than 300 employees in Portugal, the company is strengthening its teams in various areas.

Sword Health has more than 50 open job vacancies in Portugal
eco · 20 Dec 2023

Sword Health is recruiting for various areas of technology. It has more than 100 vacancies, half of them in Portugal, said Jorge Meireles, chief technology officer. With around 750 people, the Porto Leading Investor has more than 300 people working in the country.

"We are recruiting more than 100 professionals for different areas of the company, from Artificial Intelligence and engineering to marketing and sales, as well as for the clinical area and operations. We are regularly publishing new vacancies on Sword's website, on the careers page, as well as on our LinkedIn page," said Jorge Meireles.

The "vast majority of openings are for Portugal and the United States of America. There are also some vacancies for the Brazilian, UK and Canadian markets," said the company's CTO. The national market absorbs "more than 50 vacancies".

At a period in which many tech companies have paused or slowed down recruitment, the decision at the company has been to reinforce the company's various units.

"We're in a very exciting phase because we're hiring for practically every area of the company. Regarding the technology teams, which we are strongly reinforcing, we are mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence profiles, data science, mobile engineering, backend and frontend engineers. We also have opportunities for the clinical team, sales and marketing, the financial area, among others," says Jorge Meireles.

In the United States, the staff is spread all over the country, but the company has offices in Salt Lake City and New York. In Portugal, it is present in Porto and Lisbon.

The job offers are "remote friendly" or for an hybrid working model. "In Porto, where we have the largest office, some of our staff value working a certain number of days a week in the office, taking advantage of the facilities that allow for a lot of collaboration and face-to-face connection with colleagues," explains the CTO.

The office also has a space dedicated to events, meetings and training, which allows "sharing knowledge and networking, both internally and externally", he stated. "We've also built a library with more than 250 books on topics that are close to our mission and our challenges, which employees can enjoy," the CTO concluded.