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Natixis expands investment in Porto, recruiting 300 new employees

Natixis's expansion in Porto enters a new phase with the hiring of 300 additional professionals in 2024. Natixis's Center of Excellence in Porto remains a significant investment for the French group. Satisfaction with the caliber of professionals already onboarded and the favorable conditions of the city lead to a new recruitment drive.

Natixis expands investment in Porto, recruiting 300 new employees
25 Mar 2024
Since establishing its Center of Excellence in Porto, Natixis has maintained a steady pace of hiring, reinforcing its teams in Information Technology, banking support activities, and compliance. The company currently has around 2,000 employees in Porto, but this number is about to increase.

Jean-Marc Le Toux, the Head of the Technology Business area (BPCE-IT), revealed plans to hire an additional 300 people for his department this year.

Highlighting the quality of talent in Porto and its environs, he praises qualities such as curiosity and a desire to acquire new skills. "Portugal is fantastic. People here are energetic, passionate, capable of learning quickly, and rigorous in their decisions," he emphasized in an interview.

Natixis is a Porto Leading Investor company. This program highlights the importance of key investors in the city, aiming not only to attract more investment to Porto but also to consistently provide excellent service throughout the entire journey.