17 September 2020
Talkdesk among Forbes Cloud 100 ranking
It is the second time that it happens. The unicorn (a company valued at more than one billion dollars) Talkdesk has returned to the Forbes Cloud 100 ranking, being considered one of the 100 largest companies in the world that bet on solutions based on the cloud. In the 2020 edition, the startup led by Tiago Paiva climbed 13 positions compared to the previous one, is in 53rd position.

"Talkdesk is dedicated to driving the contact center industry through its fast pace of innovation and is focused on providing its customers with the platform that will allow them to differentiate themselves through a superior consumer experience," said the co-founder and leader of the company that operates in the area of ​​contact centers in a statement.

Talkdesk was founded by Tiago Paiva and Cristina Fonseca in 2011 with the promise of setting up a call center in five minutes. Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, the company also has five offices in Portugal, and in July closed a round of C series investment worth US $ 143 million, which valued it at more than US $ 3 billion.

With the Talkdesk CX Cloud-based artificial intelligence solution, the startup promises companies an easier adaptation of contact center operations to the growing needs of customers, which will translate, according to itself, into increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.

The companies that integrate the Forbes 2020 Cloud 100 ranking, which was made in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, were evaluated taking into account the following criteria: market leadership (35%), estimated valuation (30%), metrics operational (20%) and people and culture (15%).

Byron Deeter, the partner of Bessemer Venture Partners, explains that "in the last five years, the average rating of the Cloud 100 has grown 2.5 times, from $ 1 billion in 2016 to 2.7 billion, in 2020. In fact, Cloud 100 2020 includes more than 87 unicorns ”.

Matt Garratt of Salesforce Ventures says that "the opportunity is huge for the cloud industry - there are currently more than 25 publicly owned Software as Service companies valued at more than $ 10 billion, while five years ago, there were only three. Sectors ranging from collaboration tools to retail security and health are undergoing major disruption and becoming more digital. ”

The ranking was led by the American company Snowflake, which was founded in 2012, employs around 2 thousand people, and is chaired by Frank Slootman. It has raised $ 1.4 billion in investment and was admitted to the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. The startup's IPO (Initial Public Offering) had the highest value in the history of American software companies, with the bonds costing $ 245 each.
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