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TAP: “Jet Bridge” returns in May with 3 flights per week

TAP: “Jet Bridge” returns in May with 3 flights per week
Turisver · 06 May 2020

Concrete plans for the recovery do not yet exist, but TAP has been advancing little by little with information about the reopening of some routes already this month. The "jet bridge” between Lisbon and Porto is one of the routes to be resumed, but for now only with 3 flights a week.

The 3 weekly flights with which the "jet bridge” will be resumed will be operated from the next 18th and until the end of May, and from then on the situation will have to be assessed again.

On flights to Europe, TAP maintains 2 weekly flights from Lisbon to London-Heathrow and Paris, with the cities of Brussels (Belgium), Geneva (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) continuing without flights.