Lordelo do Ouro
01 April 2020
The design contests for affordable housing projects in Lordelo do Ouro have been launched

The tenders for the presentation of design proposals for affordable housing in Lordelo do Ouro area, estimated at more than 300 dwellings, were published this Wednesday, April 1st, in Diário da República, about a week after the meeting of the City Council Executive who voted unanimously on the proposal.

The urban study foresees interventions in lands in the municipal domain, which include, in addition to the intervention in public space, the construction of five housing blocks, with the provision of more than 300 dwellings for the accessible housing market.

In total, there are three tenders, one for the design of urbanization works, public space and landscaping, which contemplates the renaturation of the section of the Ribeira da Granja, rehabilitation and construction of new streets; and the two remaining tenders, second and third, for the construction of five collective housing buildings.

Initially, the plan was to build 170 houses with a municipal investment of approximately 19 million euros. However, considering the potential of the area, surrounded by the neighbourhoods of Pinheiro Torres and Mouteira, the Municipality of Porto saw it as an opportunity to think of something bigger, which combined the aspect of densification with the urban reformulation of this area of ​​Lordelo do Ouro, where problems of territorial segregation remain.

Thus, the project was readjusted and taken to the City Council at the end of last year, having raised the threshold for municipal investment to 46 million euros.

Proposals can be submitted up to 100 days after publication of the contest in the official bodies (Diário da República and Official Journal of the European Union), with the winners being awarded 15,000 euros in prizes (and the award of the project).  The allocation of 10 thousand and 5 thousand euros to the second and third classified, respectively, will also be provided. The possible attribution of two honourable mentions in each of the three competitions, in the amount of 500 euros each, can also be considered.


Find the publication of the three announcements bellow:

Design work in the field of urban intervention/architecture (base value 464,023.00 euros)

Design work in the field of architecture - construction of buildings A, B and C (base value 660,239.00 euros)

Design work in the field of architecture - construction of D and E buildings (base value 500.704,00 euros)

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