24 April 2020
The Municipality of Porto launches microsite on COVID-19

The Municipality of Porto launched a microsite on COVID-19 that brings together the measures agreed to control the pandemic, both at municipal and national level. 

In addition, it shares information of interest for citizens and companies. Refer to the platform via to know how Porto City Hall and the city are facing this unprecedented crisis, as the microsite is designed to be intuitive and easy to operate.

The microsite provides full details of municipal services and digital channels and those considered essential for the proper running of the city that are provided city in compliance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

At the municipality's level, the microsite also provides useful information regarding the municipal support measures to companies and families, complimentary to the measures issued by the Government and that form the first package of measures approved by the Municipal Executive, namely regarding public housing, culture, trade and the exceptional assistance measures to the water bill and the municipal parking lot.

Further approved measures by the City Hall will be included in the microsite. The microsite's main goal is broader as it intends to provide useful information to the citizens of Porto, namely the operational basic foodstuffs stores in town. 

The microsite content is solid and is constantly updating. There is a suggestion box where owners of businesses and individual and collective service providers can communicate to the Municipality of Porto that they are functional and operating and they will be integrated in the listing after validation.

Companies can assess information od fiscal measures, financing lines, job support, personal protective equipment export and import rules, just to mention a few.

The microsite also provides hospitals and health enters available contacts, as well as police forces contacts, a form in case anyone would like to apply to fight Covid-19 in an active way and clarification on what the Emergency State means, what one can and cannot do during this period and the real impact on citizens and company's lives.

It is worth mentioning that the Municipality of Porto the first to adopt a set of strict measures to mitigate the spread of the new coronavirus, on 13th March, before the National Declaration of Emergency State. And, before that, Porto City Hall presented the Internal Contingency Plan and closed municipal facilities and equipment, thereby suspending al public events for theatres and museums.

Since then, digital attendance was favoured to reduce the risk for municipal workers. The swift adaptation to this new context enabled fulfilling queries and issuances approvals or urban licenses.

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