23 June 2020
The new hotel in Porto is located in Bolhão and is the first with Plaza da Europa design

A new concept for Ibis hotels, the debut of a new design in Portugal. Porto has over 89 rooms, in an iconic location and with a style unlike anything we are used to. The Accor Group opened on June 18th the Ibis Porto Centro Mercado do Bolhão, the first hotel in our country with the new design of the group, with vast areas and modern lines, titled Plaza da Europa. 

In a historic building at number 567 on Rua Sá da Bandeira, where the layout and facade were preserved, there is now a unit with single, double, triple and family rooms.

The design, described by the group as modern and welcoming, refers to the city landscape, which has a direct entrance through the second floor, with balconies and windows, with views from the inside and lots of light in the interior space.

In this new concept of the chain, of which the Porto unit is a pioneer, the classic concept of reception disappears, thanks to the application of Fols Mobile. This allows teams to receive customers with just a mobile phone or tablet and can check in and out quickly.

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