20 May 2020
The next webinar is centered around technology’s role in the pandemic

In the second session of the webinar cycle "Economy of the city of Porto", scheduled for this Thursday, at 10 am, the focus will be on the role that technology had in the pandemic’s most acute phase and its relevance to now assist the economic sector in overcoming the crisis. In particular, we will look at #tech4COVID19 movement, which was born in Porto in March and which today brings together more than 5,300 people committed to finding solutions faster than the virus itself. Attendance is free. 

The webinar will be opened by the Porto City Council’s vice-president, Filipe Araújo, City Councillor for Innovation and Environment, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porto Digital Association.

In this clarification session on the tech4COVID19 platform, Felipe Ávila da Costa, spokesman for the technological movement created from the city of Porto but which quickly expanded throughout the country, will participate. Currently, the network that involves more than 5,300 volunteers, including programmers, engineers, health professionals, scientists, designers, marketeers or managers, has 34 active projects, focusing on different services and businesses, but all of them aiming to combat the effects caused by the new coronavirus.

Bearing this inspiring example in mind, the debate begins with a reflection on how Porto's digital community can then help traditional companies to go online, with the intervention of the president of Porto TechHub, Luís Neves. Then comes the panel "Why the pandemic has made digital transformation a priority", in which Deloitte's partner, César Marto, takes part.

The program of the webinar, which will last approximately one hour, then continues with Felipe Ávila da Costa, who will share his vision on "the digital as an activator of Human-to-Human". Shortly afterwards, it is the turn of the senior account Portugal Salesforce, Luís Oliveira to highlight "agile solutions to activate ‘online’".

The conclusions of the session or the three key steps to take to put a company online will be summarized by the head of Technological Architecture and Security at Sonae MC, Pedro Miguel Gomes. 

In the end, the participants will be able to ask questions to the invited speakers, integrated in the cycle of webinars promoted by the Municipality of Porto.

It should be remembered that the initiative aims to discuss a series of issues of interest to the city's economic agents, namely tax and financing measures for companies, the role of technology, how can Porto position itself as a trusted destination in the tourism, the "future" reality of business in commerce and the new challenges and reinvention that the local economy faces. 

Get to know the calendar of the webinar cycle and access the program for the next session, where you can pre-register as a participant. Soon, the complete programs of the next sessions will be available.

1. Tax and Financing Measures

May 19th - 10 am

2. tech4Covid

May 21st - 10 am

3. Tourism - How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?

May 26th - 6.30 pm

4. Trade - The 'future' reality of business

May 28th - 6.30 pm

5. New Challenges and reinvention of the local economy

May 29th - 10 am

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