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The Porto native, Daniela Braga, is part of the White House strategy for AI

The Porto native, Daniela Braga, is part of the White House strategy for AI
11 Jun 2021

Joe Biden is set to define the American strategy around AI (Artificial Intelligence) and gathered a team of 12 experts in the subject to form a Task Force that will work closely with the US government in that topic. One of such experts is the Porto native Daniela Braga, founder of the DefinedCrowd startup, which is widely recognised in the sector and already collaborates with Amazon or Google.

The strategy of the White House includes the democratisation of the artificial intelligence and its development, its impact on learning, on workers, on research, and on the economy. The Task Force's mission is to provide advice and assistance as regards the drawing-up of a guide to create a North American research centre for artificial intelligence.

The Government headed by Joe Biden wants to create a knowledge-sharing platform that enables students and researchers to access computational tools, data, educational tools and user support.

Daniela Braga will team up with specialists of the Universities of New York, California, Texas and Stanford, besides the staff from Google, IBM or the Allen Institute.

Founded in 2015, DefinedCrowd is based in Seattle, in the United States, and has offices in Porto and a research centre in Lisbon. The company specialises in the collection, structuring and processing of training data for AI.

As well as being one of the 30 fastest growing technological companies in the United States, the startup is also among the 100 most promising companies in the AI sector and is listed among the500 best startups to work in the United States of America, according to Forbes magazine.

It is worth highlighting that Daniela Braga, founder and CEO of DefinedCrowd, startup incubated at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park in Porto, won the João Vasconcelos Award - Entrepreneur of the year 2019.