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The sixth edition of the SWitCH technological requalification programme is coming and registrations are already open

The sixth edition of the SWitCH technological requalification programme is coming and registrations are already open
19 May 2022

The course lasts about two years, with internship included, and is organised by Porto Tech Hub in partnership with the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. There are 60 places available for the programme and students, after the end of the academic component with positive evaluation, have direct entry in one of the technological companies in the region of Porto.

SWitCH, a programme that re-qualifies professionals to enter roles in the IT area and connects them to technology companies in the Porto region, is back with its sixth edition. The registration period for the initiative, which is developed by Porto Tech Hub in partnership with Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, started on May 9th, and there are 60 vacancies that can be filled by any graduate professional who wants to change area and start a career in a high-growth sector.

The teaching component lasts one year and begins on October 4th, 2022.The programme is taught in a face-to-face format and has several modules, which allow the acquisition of different skills and knowledge, essential for the exercise of functions in the technology sector. During the course interactive processes are applied for learning three core areas, which are taught simultaneously in each quarter: Software engineering and programming; Methodologies, tools and techniques to support and agile development of a software solution in an enterprise context. 

"The high growth of the technological area, boosted by the growing digitalisation of the economy, has brought numerous challenges for companies in the sector, namely the current shortage of talent, with companies having great difficulty in filling the vacancies they launch into the market due to a lack of qualified professionals. It is precisely in view of this challenge that we consider it essential for the sector to continue investing in the training of new professionals, with the skills to seize the career opportunities of today and the future. Given this reality, SWitCH provides professionals with the necessary tools to start their journey in the technology sector. After the various editions of the initiative this goal continues to be met, as we have supported the requalification and entry of hundreds of professionals in technology companies." - explains Joana Linhas, Vice President of Porto Tech Hub.

At the end of the course, all trainees with a positive global assessment will have the opportunity to enter a paid internship in one of the technological companies associated to Porto Tech Hub. During the programme, these same companies share knowledge and experience with the students through initiatives such as workshops, presentations and practical projects. 

All professionals who wish to enrol in the course can do so until the 3rd of July of 2022, through the Porto Tech Hub website. This page also contains all the information about the course and the application process. 

About Porto Tech Hub 

Porto Tech Hub (PTH) is a non-profit business association that aims to promote and develop Porto as a global technology centre of excellence. Created in 2015, it now has more than 30 member companies. The association promotes a variety of initiatives and events throughout the year, designed to promote the tech community in Porto, including companies, professionals and groups. Featured on its calendar is the current technology conference, Porto Tech Hub Conference.

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