23 May 2020
Tourism and the positioning of the city as a safe destination will be debated on Tuesday, the 26th

The next webinar of the cycle "Economy of the city of Porto" is aimed at the tourism sector and will discuss "How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?". It takes place on the 26th, Tuesday, at 6.30 pm, and counts on the intervention of businessmen from hospitality, local lodgment and catering sectors. Participation is free but requires prior registration.

Confidence in destinations will be a decisive factor in the decision-making of visitors, which is why the adoption of transversal measures by all agents of the tourism ecosystem is essential, allowing them to elevate Porto to a safer and more sustainable destination.

In order to gather practical points of view, the Municipality of Porto invited a set of entities representing the various links in the value chain to this online conference.

Ricardo Valente, City Councilor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce and City Councilor for European Funds, opens the session with Rui Gidro, Deloitte partner.

Durin approximately an hour, the panel will be moderated by Jorge Costa, president of IPDT - Turismo e Consultoria. On behalf of the owners and managers of local lodgment establishments (AL) Joana Dixo is invited, and by the hospitality sector the director of Porto Palácio Hotel, Pedro Serra, will intervene.

The webinar continues with the owner and chef Vasco Coelho of the multi-award winning Eskalduna, who will focus on catering. The external promotion of Porto is another point on this agenda and will be commented on by the vice president of ATP (Porto Tourism Association), Manuel Marques. 

The last intervention will be made by Professor Gilberto Igrejas, president of IVDP (Douro and Porto Wine Institute). 

In the end, participants can ask questions of stakeholders.

Bellow you can find the webinar cycle complete schedule. You can register for the session dedicated to tourism HERE. The program of the last conference will soon be available.

1. Tax and Financing Measures

May 19th - 10 am

2. tech4Covid

May 21st - 10 am

3. Tourism - How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?

May 26th - 6.30 pm

4. Trade - The 'future' reality of business

May 28th - 6.30 pm

5. New Challenges and reinvention of local economy

May 29th - 10 am

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