07 September 2020
Tourism recovery in Porto ahead of Lisbon
Dinheiro Vivo
The data is encouraging for owners of local accommodation. Reservations have been increasing since June, although they are still far from last year's figures and also before the pandemic crisis. But it is not being the same for the whole country.

The statistics made available by AirDNA for the local accommodation registered on the AirBNB and Vrbo platforms for the two main cities, show a two-speed recovery: Porto is ahead of Lisbon, both in monthly and year-on-year terms. This may be related to the fact that some parishes in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area spent more time in a state of calamity when the rest of the country was already in a state of alert.

In the city of Porto, the monthly and year-on-year declines were milder than in Lisbon and the recovery is being faster. In July, for example, reserves rose 30% compared to June (the year-on-year drop was 39%). In Lisbon, reserves increased only 19% in a chain but remained 51% below July of last year.

And compared to the worst days of the pandemic, Porto's recovery is even more visible. For example, comparing the week that started on April 13th of this year (577 new reservations) with that of August 17 (4,061 reservations), the increase is 600%, when in Lisbon the variation remains at 342% (for the same period considered). The value is very close to that of the country as a whole, which registered an increase of 334% for the same period.
Porto. City Council
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