University of Porto exceeds 4.000 foreign students
19 September 2017
University of Porto exceeds 4.000 foreign students
In the academic year of 2017/2018, the University of Porto is registering a higher number of students enrolled with an international statute (about 400), when compared to the previous academic year (about 200). This statute enables students to get their degree and the integrated Master’s at the university.

Also under the international mobility programmes, such as the European ERASMUS, in the first semester, 1452 international students will be entering from countries like South Africa, Argentina, Kazakhstan, China, Chile, Egypt or Japan. These students will be joined by the around 2000 students who are already attend the University and who intend to complete their degree

Until the end of the academic year, a total of 4000 students and international researchers is expected, representing a total of 14% of the total number of students at the institution.
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