Urban Rehabilitation Week proposes new look at the city of Porto
04 November 2019
Urban Rehabilitation Week proposes new look at the city of Porto

The Urban Rehabilitation Week will take place from 11th to 15th November at Palácio da Bolsa and has the theme "REPORTO: Rehabilitate, regenerate and reuse", organized by Vida Imobiliária and Promevi, with the support of Porto City Council and the Porto Commercial Association.

In its 7th edition, the event launches a new perspective on the urban evolution of the city, taking into account the moment in which Porto is going through a new dynamic in investment, tourism and, consequently, in real estate. That is, a new look at this transformative movement is proposed with a broader focus, touching not only rehabilitation, but also regeneration and reuse.

Maintaining its multidisciplinary and multifaceted character, the event consists of an intense program of conferences, workshops, gatherings and exhibitions, as well as a tour of rehabilitation works in downtown Porto. In all, there are 15 sessions involving more than 125 participants, highlighting central themes such as affordable housing, the new legal regime for urban rehabilitation and territorial organization in Porto, at a time when the revision of the Municipal Masterplan is ongoing. The initiatives have free access.

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