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V Week for Urban Rehabilitation of Porto

V Week for Urban Rehabilitation of Porto
06 Nov 2017
The V Week for Urban Rehabilitation of Porto is taking place at the Palácio da Bolsa, between November 6th and 12th. This initiative is organised by Vida Imobilária/Promevi with the support of Porto City Council, Porto Vivo SRU (Urban Rehabilitation Society) and the Commercial Association of Porto.

At the opening session, the President of the Porto City Council mentioned the set of public and private investments forecasted for the city and presented the projects for the reconversion of the old Slaughterhouse and the Intermodal Terminal, in Campanhã, as reference examples.

Throughout the week, several initiatives will be held, such as conferences, workshops, roundtables and exhibitions, which intend to evidence the role of urban rehabilitation in the economic, social and patrimonial revitalisation of the cities, disclosing the best projects, good practices and the most advanced solutions in the area.

One of the conferences which was already held, took place under the theme "Porto, a New Destination for International Investment!” Several topics were discussed such as the new actors in the real estate market of the city, what they are looking for and how to enhance new businesses.