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Watch the livestream "Abanca-te no Bolhão"

Watch the livestream "Abanca-te no Bolhão"
19 Sep 2020

Watch today, September 21st, the public presentation "Abanca-te no Bolhão", in livestreaming, starting at 5 pm, on Facebook at Mercado do Bolhão. In the session, everything about the public tenders will be revealed by prior qualification to allocate spaces in the municipal building, when its’ restoration is completed.

"In the heart of Bolhão +1 will always fit" is the motto for the presentation that will reveal everything about the application process for the public tenders that will be launched, in order to fill the commercial spaces that were free for stalls, restaurants, and stores the food industry at Mercado do Bolhão.

The presentation will be conducted by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira on the Facebook of Mercado do Bolhão.

It is recalled that the restoration works of Mercado do Bolhão are underway and that all the historical rights of traders have been safeguarded. The vast majority will return to the centenary building when the undertaking, promised to the city decades ago, is completed. However, as a result of some dropouts, mainly justified by the advanced age of some traders, there are vacant places, which can now be filled through a public tender.