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Webinar “How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?” today at 6:30 pm

Webinar “How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?” today at 6:30 pm
26 May 2020

"How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?" is the subject of the webinar that this Tuesday will bring together representatives from the hospitality, Local Lodgment and city catering sectors, starting at 6.30 pm. Registrations are free and still running. Registrations are also open for the next session, dedicated to the trade sector, which will take place on Thursday, also at 6.30 pm.

Confidence in destinations will be a decisive factor in the decision-making of visitors, which is why the adoption of transversal measures by all agents of the tourism ecosystem is essential, allowing them to elevate Porto to a safer and more sustainable destination.

In order to gather practical points of view, the Municipality of Porto invited (the full program is HERE) a group of entities representing the various links in the value chain and entrepreneurs, including the president of IVDP, Gilberto Igrejas, the vice president of ATP - Porto Tourism Association, Manuel Marques, the director of Porto Palácio Hotel, Pedro Serra, the owners and managers of Local Lodgement establishments, Joana Dixo and Pedro Dixo, or the owner and chef Vasco Coelho, of the Eskalduna restaurant.

In the end, participants can ask questions.

Trade - the "future" reality of business

On Thursday, the penultimate session of the webinar cycle "Economy of the city of Porto", promoted by the Municipality of Porto, focuses the debate on commerce and the necessary changes that will have to undergo to adapt to the new reality.

In fact, if there is a sector where the business paradigm will change permanently, it is trade. From traditional commerce, retail, commercial surfaces and online commerce, everyone will have to adapt their business models to the new reality and the new consumer profile. In this sense, the webinar brings together a set of players from the sector to discuss business reinvention, consumer confidence and the challenge of e-commerce, among other topics.

Ricardo Valente, City Councilor for Economy, Tourism and Commerce and City Councilor for European Funds, opens the session with Pedro Miguel Silva, partner of Deloitte.

The debate panel is moderated by Pedro Quintela, Sales General Manager, Viagens Abreu, S.A., and each guest speaker is challenged to reflect on a certain issue. "Reinventing business: changes in consumption" will include the intervention of Marta Santos, Manufacturers Sector Director at Kanta. Rui Rocha Costa, co-founder/co-CEO EatTasty, takes part in the subtopic "regaining trust and attracting audiences". Vera Maia, CEO & Founder TSE Commerce, will speak about e-commerce.

Check the full webinar cycle schedule.

Registration for today's sessions, Thursday’s and the last session are now open.

1. Tax and Financing Measures

May 19 - 10 am

2. tech4Covid

May 21 - 10 am

3. Tourism - How can Porto position itself as a trusted destination?

May 26 - 6.30 pm

4. Trade - The 'future' reality of business

May 28 - 6.30 pm

5. New Challenges and reinvention of the local economy

May 29 - 10 am