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Working in Porto by the sea: Transparente building has new coworking space

Working in Porto by the sea: Transparente building has new coworking space
Idealista · 20 May 2021

Working in Porto with a sea view will be possible in the renovated Transparante building, located next to the seafront of Porto - Matosinhos and at the west entrance of the City Park. A property that in 2018 was to be demolished, will now host a 650 square meter ‘coworking’ space, with its' inauguration foreseen for June 1st, 2021.

"Designed in 2006 by Catalan architect Solà-Morales, (…) Transparente building is taking on a new life, through the remodeling of its interior spaces to accommodate the brand new Work-In, which will facilitate the implementation of multiple business activities in one of the main city ​​arteries", predicts in a statement the real estate consultant Predibisa, responsible for the commercialization of the Work-In project.

According to the company, Work-In is an innovative idea that is the result of the partnership established between the management entity of Transparente building and the Portuguese office furniture company Caos, in order to promote and fit the new work trends of the 21st century.

The ‘coworking’ space will also benefit from an offer of complimentary services that support all business dynamics, such as parking, gym, restaurant discounts and surf lessons.

"This is a concept well linked in the international market and that we have launched now to inspire the most enterprising Portuguese in the Northern region. Even because, who does not like to work with a clear view of the sea?", asks João Leite Castro, responsible for the commercialization of the Work-In project at Predibisa.

Tiago Carvalho Araújo, CEO of Caos - a Portuguese office furniture company dedicated to the modernization and innovation of workspaces, adapted to new trends and formats of collaboration -, believes that the 'coworking' centers will mark the future, "this is a great opportunity and an asset to continue to undertake in Portugal".