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World's largest innovation academy settles in Porto

World's largest innovation academy settles in Porto
Jornal de Negócios · 11 Feb 2022
Created in Estonia and recognised as "the largest technological and digital entrepreneurship programme in the world", the European Innovation Academy (EIA) brings together hundreds of university students from all over the world every year for an intensive three-week programme dedicated to innovation and technology.

After five years in Cascais, the EIA is now heading to the north of the country. "The city of Porto has been officially chosen to host the EIA until 2026," announces the University of Porto, in a statement.

The first edition of EIA in Porto will take place next summer, between July 17 and August 5, in the Faculties of Economics and Engineering of the University of Porto, "bringing together more than 500 students from more than 120 international universities, accompanied by 100 mentors and speakers from around the world," says the same institution.

Aiming to boost the creation of new business ideas by university students, now in partnership with the University of Porto, the EIA promotes an "intensive course of entrepreneurship and digital innovation", in an international environment, with moments of training, discussion, networking and sharing of experiences.

Over three weeks, promises the academic partner of the project, participants will live all the stages of creation and launch of entrepreneurial projects, with the support of mentors and experts from international institutions.

"They come from Stanford, U.C. Berkeley or Michigan universities, but also from Silicon Valley - namely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Hubspot - to monitor and teach students in areas such as management and business, marketing, technology, design, software, investment, among others," emphasizes the University of Porto.

The EIA is installed in the Invicta city "thanks to the joint effort of the organizing institutions - University of Porto and Porto City Council through the municipal initiative ScaleUp Porto - and the support of its main partners - Santander Bank and the consultant Beta-i, responsible for selecting the host city for the event", emphasizes the University of Porto, in whose rectory will be held this Friday, February 11th, the signing of the collaboration protocols between the organizing entities of the event.