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75% of investment intentions in Porto are maintained

75% of investment intentions in Porto are maintained
Vida Imobiliária · 29 Sep 2020
This is what the city councillor of the City of Porto, Ricardo Valente, maintains a "very optimistic" prospect regarding the setting of new companies in the city of Porto, especially in the next year.

Ricardo Valente states that in the course of research carried out by the municipality over the past few months, not only 75% of investment intentions remain, but 25% of companies even argue that they want to strengthen their position in Porto.

Despite recognizing that "this is a challenging moment", the councilman highlights that "this is good news. The intentions of locating companies remain strong, we continue to receive many requests for information for location in the city, and we have companies already set in the city that plan to organically increase the centers they already have in the city".

The real estate market may be less impacted in this context of uncertainty, as "investment has a cycle that goes beyond the pandemic. Therefore, investments continue to happen".

The greatest impact could be felt in team-building and in the recruitment processes, which "suffered a lot from the pandemic effect. It seems clear to us that winter will have a clear effect on team build-up, it will be difficult to recruit on a large scale in the city, but that does not concern us, the key is the prospects for 2021, which are very positive".