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Belgian group transforms workspaces from a technology centre in Porto

There are about 20, but should exceed one hundred workers who will join IWG Technologies in the development and revolution of workspaces. The new technological centre of the Belgian group opened its doors, this Thursday, in Batalha, which will be used by the teams for collaborations and meetings, since IWG has a hybrid work system.

Belgian group transforms workspaces from a technology centre in Porto
Porto. · 03 Feb 2023
Congratulating IWG for choosing to settle and for the continuous investment in Porto, the mayor reinforced the "commitment we have to attract companies that invest in our talent". "Today, the keyword for cities is talent," believes Rui Moreira.

"When we see that a city like Porto can attract companies like this, that want to stay here, then we are doing our job, and we should be proud," he said, not forgetting the importance of "fixing population". And this also depends on factors such as attractiveness, comfort and points of interest that the city offers to those who work there.

The Mayor assumed that "we want to be a city of opportunities". "During the pandemic, we felt the need to interact, and that's what cities enhance", with everything that IWG workers find in that area, he concluded.

"It is our home, we are here to stay," the IWG director-general assured. After more than ten years of working with companies in the city of Porto, the multinational has found a home in Batalha. Daniel Marion shares how "we were very pleased with the talent we found" and underlined the meeting of the various parties, in the new offices, that morning, as proof of the "commitment to technology and investment".

"Technology is an important factor for mobility and for a hybrid environment to become a reality", said Daniel Marion, with the certainty that "interactivity between the team when they are together is something we don't create with videoconferences". For that, "we need a home, and this is ours", concluded the Director General of the IWG.
On the part of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, the administrator stressed how "this relationship we have built is very important". "We will work to make your presence here grow", guaranteed Luís Rebelo de Sousa, also adding the will to, at the same time, "continue to make the city grow by attracting investment like this".

The former Porto Civil Government and PSP Metropolitan Command building was converted into a sharing space for different companies, the District Offices & Lifestyle, in 2017, and has been under the management of Regus, one of IWG's companies since 2018. Now, the multinational has created its own workspace there, which, says one of the directors, Maurice de Vries, can spread across the various valences the building offers.

"What we want is to create a good environment to go to the office when necessary", he says, recalling how the workers will be the biggest beneficiaries of the investments that have been made in that area.

Born in Brussels in 1989, the IWG group develops workspaces that are "convenient, comfortable and, above all, accessible". Today, they say, they help eight million people in more than three thousand spaces spread over more than a thousand cities in 110 countries to work in a more flexible and productive way". IWG's clients include startups, small and medium-sized companies and large multinationals.