02 September 2021
BI4ALL launches new Talent Academy and is searching for 10 young talents
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ABI4ALL has just opened the 11th edition of the Talent Academy, with the objective of onboarding 10 young talents, according to an official source.

"The editions we carried out in previous years were a success. All the feedback we have obtained, both from trainers and trainees have proven the excellence of our Academy, as well as the developed and implemented program", says José Oliveira, CEO from BI4ALL, quoted in a press release. "The 11th edition of the Talent Academy starts in September, with the possibility of hiring 10 consultants".

Lasting two months, the new edition of the business intelligence & data analytics academy seeks to attract "young recent graduates to enter the world of data and consulting, through an intensive theoretical and practical training program", states the company that operates in data analytics and artificial intelligence, providing trainees with the opportunity to integrate company projects, both nationally and internationally

BI4ALL seeks to recruit young people with academic training in IT, Information Management, Applied Mathematics, Engineering or similar areas. Good knowledge of English, good analytical skills and critical sense are among other skills the company values.

The company recently opened its new facilities, "Cidade BI4ALL", with capacity for more than 500 jobs, including collaborative spaces, paddle tennis court, and gym, in a global investment of eight million euros. "The new headquarters were designed for the company's sustained growth in the coming years and with the objective of responding to a new labor paradigm and the needs of employees", states the company.

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