13 September 2021
Católica Porto and Porsche create strategic university-enterprise partnership
Executive Digest

Universidade Católica Portuguesa Porto and Porsche signed a partnership protocol in which they commit to the development of various initiatives as a way to strengthen relations and add value to both institutions. The new Porsche room will be equipped with the latest digital technology.

"Following the partnership, the Porsche room was developed and is equipped with the latest technology, as the prestigious brand is now part of the Enterprise Club [Clube das Empresas] of the Executive MBA of Católica Porto Business School", as read in a statement.

This room was designed for various academic activities, having already served as a stage for the presentation by Executive MBA students of a work developed for Porsche, within the scope of the Marketing Module.

"The close relationship between the university and the business fabric is one of the missions of universities. If teaching and research are, without a shadow of a doubt, Católica's central missions, the transfer of knowledge to society and companies is no less important”, says Isabel Braga da Cruz, president of Católica in Porto.

Hugo Ribeiro da Silva, executive director of Porsche Porto Center and Porsche Braga Center, believes that "the partnership undoubtedly brings great added value. It adds value. On the other hand, through its Business School, Universidade Católica Portuguesa shares much of the knowledge it carries, namely its vision of the future challenges of the economy and the market. Finally, this partnership allows us to make known our company to the excellent members of its faculty, as well as to the students of the respective academic training provided by the school”.

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