26 November 2020
Companies want to hire in 2021 and workers admit they have the intention to change jobs
Although the pandemic has resulted in an increase in unemployment in Portugal, a study conducted by the human resources company Hays revealed that more than half of Portuguese employers intend to go ahead with a reinforcement of human resources in companies in 2021.

According to the Labor Market Guide 2021, 75% of employers intend to hire more employees for the commercial, information technology, engineering, and marketing, and communication sectors. In the North region, 74% of companies intend to recruit for 2021, mainly in the areas of Engineering (29%), Information Technologies (24%), and Commercial (22%).

Among the reasons most mentioned by employers for hiring in 2021, the growth of the business in the national territory stands out, but also the recovery of the business in the post-Covid-19 period.

More than half of employers (54%) believe that flexibility in remote work models will be essential to guarantee productivity in 2021. However, the application of this form of work is poorly defined for about half of the companies surveyed, being implemented depending on the necessities.

On the other hand, Hays reports that the percentage of professionals who consider changing jobs is now 79%, the highest figure since 2014. Salary is the factor that most motivates this change (68% of professionals), soon followed by the prospects for career progression (67%) and the search for more interesting projects (60%).
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