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Critical TechWorks wants to hire 400 people this year

Critical TechWorks wants to hire 400 people this year
Dinheiro Vivo · 22 Feb 2021
With the BMW group's autonomous driving projects unfolding, Critical TechWorks announces that it plans to hire 400 more people this year, with a special emphasis on engineers with knowledge in C ++ programming language.

With this objective, the company intends to reach a total of 1400 people at the end of this year, above the values ​​previously foreseen. In November 2020, an official source of the company stated that, for 2021, the hiring of 250 more elements would be expected, reaching the mark of 1250 workers.

So far, the role of Portuguese teams at Critical TechWorks is to support a knowledge unit in this area of ​​the BMW Group, which is located in Germany.

With more than two years of activity and more than 50 projects delivered to the car manufacturer, with emphasis on Operating System 7 and the new applications from BMW and MINI, Critical TechWorks is now interested in recruiting junior and senior profiles that join these teams and are aligned with the company's values.

"More than people with training and hard skills, we are looking for people who have a passion for technology and the automotive world, show analytical thinking and a great willingness to learn, resilience and readiness to tackle various challenges in a futuristic and constantly growing environment", explains Luís Cruz, Chief Technical Officer at Critical TechWorks.

"Whoever embraces this challenge, must come ready to not only build innovative and disruptive solutions, but also to define market standards that will certainly mark a new driving paradigm. We know that it will be a very long process, with some natural advances and setbacks in a area that is constantly evolving", says the CTO.

Open positions can be seen and applied to at the company's website.