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Eidosmedia boosts innovation launching Eidosmedia Atlantic, a new tech centre in Porto

Eidosmedia boosts innovation launching Eidosmedia Atlantic, a new tech centre in Porto
13 Jul 2022
Eidosmedia, global leader in content management and digital publishing, is opening a new technology centre in Porto this summer. 
Expanding the organization with a tech centre will allow Eidosmedia to better serve its customers and strengthen the company’s commitment to be the content platform of choice for leading enterprises.
Eidosmedia Atlantic will employ around 35 people by 2023 and continue growing its staff in 2024 and beyond.

Eidosmedia, global leader in digital publishing and content management, is an international organization headquartered in Milan, Italy with subsidiaries in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia and China. The company’s digital publishing platforms have become the solution of choice in the news-media and financial sectors and are increasingly adopted for corporate publishing and public-sector information services. The new tech centre will reinforce the company’s tech community, acting as an extension of actual teams, working in full coordination with the rest of the organization and becoming its second global development hub.

 "To help our customers maximize the productivity and flexibility of their daily operations we must constantly explore, evaluate and deploy new technologies,” said Christian Pelanconi, Eidosmedia CEO. 
"In order to do so, we are constantly looking for creative technology enthusiasts to grow our teams. Porto, with its world-class universities, modern infrastructure and tech-oriented, international environment is an extraordinary opportunity to welcome new talented people to the Eidosmedia community”.
The first team to extend activities to the new hub will be Operations later in 2022, with a focus on Managed Services and Cloud. The Engineering team will begin to integrate the hub’s resources in early 2023, including collaboration with the Politecnico and the University of Porto.

The new centre will also support Eidosmedia’s ongoing development in innovative areas, such as the integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning capabilities into its platforms.
Eidosmedia Atlantic will be based in Batalha, in the historic heart of Porto, strategically connected with Metro, Train Station and parking facilities, close to restaurants and shops.

Porto – a centre for innovation

Porto is a global centre of technological excellence. Thanks to its highly qualified universities it’s become a thriving multicultural community of tech-minded talents and one of the main European hubs for research, innovation and technological development.
"We are confident Porto is the right choice to build a technological base and a team that safely accelerates Eidosmedia’s growth. Thanks to the access to a growing group of technological talents, we see an amazing opportunity for our company’s evolution,” said Cristiano Meda, Eidosmedia CTO.

Call for tech talent

"As IT talent is in high demand everywhere, Eidosmedia has decided to strategically widen its presence in Europe, aiming to find high-quality tech people to grow our teams and keeping providing our customers with the best solution” said Valeria Benassi, Eidosmedia Global Head of HR. 
The new Eidosmedia Atlantic centre will operate starting from July 2022, and Eidosmedia has already made public the first open positions. Visit Eidosmedia career page for more information.

For more information, please contact: 

Luca Midali, Senior HR Specialist –

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