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French tech company opens new office in Porto and hires 100 engineers

French tech company opens new office in Porto and hires 100 engineers
22 Jul 2021
Positive results and the growth of the operations in the city will lead Adentis to open a second office in Porto and to hire 100 engineers more. The second space of the consulting company, focused in innovation and specialized in the development of information systems’ projects, will be up and running until the end of the year.

MoOngy group’s French tech company finished this year’s first semester with a turnover of 3.9M€, 47% more than the same period in 2020, year when it reached the figure of 5.8M€.

The strong growth of a company with barely more than four years of activity will motivate the reinforcement of operations in Porto, with recruitment until the end of the year in the areas of ‘software engineering’, ‘quality assurance’ and ‘business intelligence’, to join the current team of 200 people.

"First semester’s turnover growth of two digits illustrates the increase in confidence from the business sector and the quality of our services and team”, believes João Gomes, Adentis’ Head of Operations, cited from a press release.

For the tech company, "signals received from the market are of trust. With vaccination progressing at quick pace, you feel, at national and international level, that the economy is positively evolving with many technological projects being restarted”.

In Portugal since 2016, Adentis is one of 31 brands from French group MoOngy (former HIQ Consulting), which employs over 5.000 workers in 10 countries. Last year, the group reported a turnover of 374M€.