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Inventa opens an office in Porto to support entrepreneurs.

Inventa opens an office in Porto to support entrepreneurs.
Dinheiro Vivo · 09 Feb 2022
Inventa, a consulting firm specialised in intellectual property and copyright protection, has just opened an office in Porto to support creators of patents and trademarks. "The Northern region is strategic for us, it has one of the highest invention rates in Portugal," and so, "we decided to invest in a personalised service, closer to the client," reveals Tiago Reis Nobre, director of the Lisbon-based company with a presence in Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, East Timor and Macau.

Hiring Jorge Machado, a consultant with 20 years of experience in industrial property, made it possible to make the leap to the North, which was already part of the expansion plan. Inventa's growth also "depends on finding talent and we were looking for people with the right profile to represent the company in Porto", explains the company's director and partner. Now with a physical presence in the heart of the region, Inventa is preparing to gain market share with universities and industries in the North, which have demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit over the years.

The numbers leave no room for doubt. In 2020, the North accounted for 38.6% of inventions registered in the country, against 26.8% in the Centre and 24.6% in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, says the official, citing statistics from the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI). Regarding the creation of trademarks, Lisbon has a 37% share, which is justified by the greater predominance of services, the North accounts for 33.1% and the Centre for 18.6%. Last year, and based on forecast data from INPI, the number of national inventions fell 18%, from 1124 registrations in 2020 to 920, an indication that, in the opinion of Tiago Reis Nobre, can be explained by the pandemic, but that urgently needs to be reversed. "Portugal, being a small country, should make a greater investment when it comes to the production of inventions, because only with added value products can it make a difference," he emphasises. The registration of trademarks has seen a 12% increase in 2021, exceeding 24,000 applications, driven by the growth of online business.

Inventa is a partner in this creative universe. As Tiago Reis Nobre says, "we are an industrial property consultant and we provide services ranging from support for the internationalisation of trademarks and patents, copyrights and internet domains, to the defence of these rights and their monitoring around the world". In Africa, where it is the market leader with a share of over 30%, Inventa has a team of over 30 people working and a know-how of the territory that comes from its investment in the continent in the 1970s. "We are a world reference in industrial property in Portugal and Africa, every day we handle cases from other countries with this continent," he says. And to ensure the offer of services on a global level, it also has a network of associated offices.

Inventa, which has over three thousand active clients, including companies such as Inditex, TAP and CGD, has recorded continuous growth in turnover of around 30% over the last 10 years. The year 2020 was the exception but, even so, it increased turnover by 12%. Last year it closed with a 36% increase, totaling 3.3 million euros in sales in Portugal. The consultant has a growth plan up to 2030, for which it has set itself the objective of reaching a turnover of more than 10 million euros. As he emphasises, "we want to attract more international clients and work towards becoming a global brand".