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It is now easier to get to know the startups in Porto

It is now easier to get to know the startups in Porto
24 Aug 2020
The ScaleUp Porto municipal initiative added a new tool to the city's entrepreneurship ecosystem map, facilitating access to all information about the city's startups.

In order to monitor and promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city Invicta, ScaleUp Porto launched a new tool that facilitates the task of finding new startups and those with greater growth, creating recommendations for companies and investors, knowing the evolution of investment or do targeted research.

This dashboard makes the map of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, launched in January 2019, easier to access. In a continuous work of evolution together with the startup Dealroom, which develops the platform, this tool facilitates the visualization of all information, in a centralized way, allowing a greater understanding, the monitoring of its evolution, and the most effective communication for different target audiences.

The objective is to monitor the evolution of the data to understand the evolution of the ecosystem and its impact on innovation, the economy, and the competitiveness of the region. The tool also works as a link between companies, citizens, and national and European partners, with the aim of generating opportunities.

This tool is collaborative, so everyone can contribute by accessing, creating, claiming the profiles of their organizations, and updating the information. Only with everyone's contribution can this map become useful.

According to Dealroom, the leading supplier and manager of data on startups, growing companies, and technological ecosystems in the European landscape, this is a step towards creating a more personalized experience, which will continue to evolve towards creating the most useful opportunities for each of the stakeholders.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the city's startups represent an annual turnover of more than 126 million euros, according to a study by ScaleUp Porto.