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Last vacancies for DUAL training courses

Last vacancies for DUAL training courses
13 Sep 2021

DUAL is an intermediary between companies and young people interested in professional qualification courses. It promotes qualification courses for young people that follow the guidelines of the German dual system.

The courses last for 3 years, have a large practical component, are free, provide equivalence to the 12th year and a certificate of professional qualification (Level IV).

In the DUAL apprenticeship courses, the trainees are placed in training companies, where they intern for three days a week, the remaining days are for theoretical training at the DUAL centre.

At the moment, the DUAL center in Porto has open enrollment, with limited places for the courses of Management Support Technician, Electronics/Automation and Command Technician, and Electronics, Automation and Computers Technician.

The Management Support Technician has the possibility to work in all administrative and commercial departments of a company, namely Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Sales and Exports, Purchasing and Logistics, Quality Control, among others. Part of a company's success is due to the effectiveness of its administrative and commercial services. More information at:

The Electronics/Automation and Command Technician is a professional who autonomously performs tasks related to the design, acquisition, installation, use, maintenance, and repair of electronic and industrial equipment as well as associated technological systems. More information at:

The Electronics, Automation and Computers Technician is a professional who installs, maintains, and repairs electronics, automation, and computer equipment ensuring the optimization of its operation. More information at:

Registration at: