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Marketing agency Wise Pirates wants to recruit 60 employees. It already has 25 vacancies

Marketing agency Wise Pirates wants to recruit 60 employees. It already has 25 vacancies
ECO · 25 Aug 2022
Performance marketing agency already has a total team of 125 people, working in a hybrid model, and wants to reinforce it until the end of the year.

The Portuguese performance marketing agency Wise Pirates wants to reinforce the team with another 60 employees still this year. There are 25 vacancies already available. The agency, which has implemented a hybrid working model, offers up to a total of 27 holiday days.

"At Wise Pirates we favour a hybrid working policy, besides the possibility of nomadism for temporary periods, our employees receive long periods of training, including self training and mentoring. They can also enjoy cellular work with empowered cells, in other words, they work in different teams, by brand or business, where they can play different roles, such as leading or being led", adds Pedro Barbosa, CEO of Wise Pires, to Pessoas.

"What is intended is that they develop holistically around something critical for business: result, or as we say, performance. We also give priority to health and well-being at work, which is why we organise sports activities and make fruit and other snacks available to employees when they are in the office," he adds.

In the market for five years, the agency works in the area of performance marketing, in co-creation and direct partnership with clients. "We design, operate and execute multichannel digital communication strategies that include, in addition to leading expertise in areas such as social networks and Google, areas such as marketing automation, e-commerce end to end; Marketplaces (Amazon, Worten, etc.); Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP); Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); data projects and production of e-commerce sites in Shopify, as well as a wide range of GMP and Cloud," describes the responsible.

At the moment, the company has a total of 125 people who, from Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon - "we have people in many cities, almost all in Portugal" - work for around 200 brands.

"We work a lot with clients in the retail and finance areas, but we have clients in all verticals. We also have a very eclectic working model, working with large brands (Continente, Santander, Sacoor, Mo, Tranquilidade, Lion of Porches, Sennheiser, Decenio, Worten, etc.) and other smaller brands", says Pedro Barbosa. "At the moment, 75% of our clients are SMEs and many of these seek us out because they want to internationalise and we are the only agency in Portugal officially certified to work other markets."

Reinforcing the team

The aim is to reinforce the team later this year. "We have 100 employees at Wise Pirates and 125 people in our small group. This is a number we want to increase later this year by hiring around 60 new employees," he says.

At the moment they have 25 open positions, including for SEO Specialist, Automation Consultant, Frontend Developer and Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialists, as well as vacancies for internships.

In addition to offering the ability to work remotely from any location for employees who wish to travel at any time, and allowing each worker to bring their pet to the office one day a week, Wise Pirates also has a policy of allocating holidays beyond the 22 days mandated by law.

"In addition to the 22 days of statutory holiday, we have up to five more days off on offer, between birthday, non-compulsory holidays, Christmas and an extra allocated for merit. So up to a total of 27 days, which in the future we would want to extend to 30, when and if the conditions are right," admits Pedro Barbosa.

"People cannot accumulate too many holidays, we all make an effort for the real minimum of rest days to be 22 days in each calendar year, ensuring consequent conditions of rest and integration of real life. We truly hope that people totally switch off on holiday, for the rest they deserve and need", says the manager.