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Natixis wants to hire 400 people for Porto until the end of the year

Natixis wants to hire 400 people for Porto until the end of the year
27 Jul 2021
French bank Natixis, in Porto since 2017, will hire four hundred professionals in the areas of technology, finance or law until the end of year for its excellence centre near Campo 24 de Agosto garden, where 1.200 people already work. There are vacancies destined for new graduates.

In a declaration to Negócios, the general manager of Natixis Portugal justifies the reinforcement of the team with "the success of the project and, above all, of people”. "It is a difficult formula to replicate and it transformed Natixis in Portugal in a worldwide case study”, states Etienne Huret.

What the French bank is looking for are different levels of professional experience from a broad range of areas related to baking and finance, but also technology, management, economics and law, that is, "much varied backgrounds, experiences and profiles, which may enrich our activity from Portugal to the world”.

Focused in information technologies (IT) in the beginning, the excellence centre has been diversifying its operations. For instance, this year, in January, support functions started to take place from Porto.

In order to attract junior profiles, Natixis also launched the "We want your brain” campaign, considered by the general manager of the bank in Portugal as "a more disruptive campaign that draws the attention of new graduates that may want to join our team, in the search for a dynamic experience of learning and growth”. Candidates must be eligible for IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional) professional internships.