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Readiness IT steps into 2023 with a new brand, new strategy and an aim to hire more talent

Between the visual change of logo, the opening of new offices in Europe, the inclusion of a new company in the group and the continued investment in young talent around the world, Readiness IT plans another successful year of new business and growth in the acceleration of digital transformation.

Readiness IT steps into 2023 with a new brand, new strategy and an aim to hire more talent
25 Jan 2023
Readiness IT is one of the companies that make up the RIT Group and whose CEO is Adérito Ferreira, the main shareholder, together with other shareholders and employees of the company. The company is internationally recognised for its work in the digital acceleration of the Telecoms industry, but also works with other sectors and industries, mostly developing projects with Low-Code technologies. Founded in 2015, the company has delivered over a thousand digital acceleration projects implemented around the world.

Its telco clients include some of the largest and most reputable companies, such as Altice, Entel, Ericsson, Spark, Unitel, T-Mobile, SwissCom, Telefónica, among many others, and last year it further expanded its client portfolio with projects at Vivacom (Bulgaria), Liberty (Central America), Vumatel (South Africa) and DU (United Arab Emirates). The same happened with its Low-code area, with companies like Bepp, La Positiva, Betterfly appearing as new customers.

By the end of 2022, Readiness IT proceeded with a visual change of its logo. Adérito Ferreira states that "this change comes about with the aim of showing our modernity, to accompany the evolution of the company's strategy in the context of the RIT Group, and to align with our mission and vision, of being a Digital Innovation Accelerator through the use of technology."

"Increasingly, Telecom operators are looking to offer services beyond connectivity and need to create an agile, reliable and robust business partner ecosystem to grow their positioning and revenues. The 5G network has accelerated this claim, where operators intend to assume the leading role in the offer of new innovative services. But from the technological point of view and business model for the telecommunications industry, the implementation and management of the whole process are quite complex. And that's where we come in as an accelerator of this digital acceleration, promoting the development of markets and offers in partnerships. This solution, Marketplace 360, was developed with the focus on this industry and with our experience in Systems Integration in Telco's, we were able to quickly respond to the customers' needs. This is the answer to the transformation of the Telecom Industry that will become more of a business platform than a mere communications service provider".

"The creation of B2B digital marketplaces and partner ecosystems are the best way for operators to increase their sources of revenue, but fundamentally to be able to offer real integrated solutions to their customers and partners, with the agility, quality of service and control that is required. It is a win-win-win situation for all players, completely automated, integrated and regulated in the transparent relationship between everyone - telco/customer/partners", comments the CEO.

The B2B Marketplace platforms are also allowing operators to reach new vertical markets (healthcare, industry, security, transport, etc.) and thus achieve business expansion, the creation of new sources of income, and thus ensure their sustainability and profitability. Also in this area, the RIT Group is investing its growth, having launched a partnership in 2022 with a national company that is a leader in clinical process products in Hospitals.

The company also has other technological partners in its digital projects, such as Kloudville, Salesforce, Ericsson, Oracle, OutSystems, AWS, BluePlanet, Omnix and Appian.

Today, the RIT Group, of which Readiness IT is a part of, has more than 500 highly qualified and certified employees, spread over 8 countries and 10 offices, such as Portugal, Spain, Chile, Peru, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and more recently in Serbia. The CEO explains that "we wanted to expand in Central Europe, and be closer to the emerging European markets and the United Arab Emirates".

In Portugal, working from its head office in Campanhã in Porto, the company has around 100 employees, 25 in Lisbon, and 120 in Fundão. This office is also the largest training centre for RIT Group companies and has become one of the largest employment drivers in the Beira Interior region, in partnership with several universities and polytechnics in the region. The RIT Group is currently hiring 100 new employees for the various offices it has around the world, with the aim of growing 20% by 2023.