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Shanghai ranking places University of Porto among the 400 best in the world

Shanghai ranking places University of Porto among the 400 best in the world
18 Aug 2021

The University of Porto ranks second among Portuguese institutions in the oldest and most prestigious international ranking in higher education.

The "Academic Ranking of World Universities" index, prepared by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, places the University of Porto in the range of the 301-400 best, among more than 2000 higher education institutions from all over the world.

The analysis is based on six criteria, which assess the quality of education, teachers, scientific production, and per capita production. In general, the University of Porto improved the indicators analyzed.

On the national scene, the Shanghai Ranking highlights five more universities: the University of Lisbon (201-300), University of Minho (401-500), University of Coimbra (501-600), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (601-700) and University of Aveiro (601-700).

In global terms, Harvard University, in the USA, leads the ranking for the 19th year. Stanford and Cambridge Universities complete the top-3 of the hierarchy.

In June, when the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, made by the same entity, was released, the University of Porto stood out among the 100 best in the world in four areas of study. It was once again considered the 15th best in the world in the area of ​​Food Science and Technology and was ranked among the top 100 in the disciplines of Veterinary Science, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.