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Sitel Group, a leader in CX, announces rebranding to Foundever and accelerates global transformation

The new identity of the global company, led by its founders, reinforces its mission to be the CX (Customer Experience) solutions team behind the world's biggest brands, through the strength of its 170,000 employees.

Sitel Group, a leader in CX, announces rebranding to Foundever and accelerates global transformation
01 Mar 2023
Sitel Group®, a leading global provider of Customer Experience (CX) products and solutions announced its transition to Foundever™. Following the 2021 acquisition of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. (SYKES), the company has consolidated its position as one of the top three CX providers, globally. The new brand reflects the company's commitment to innovation, dynamism and to providing excellence in CX service.

Laurent Uberti, Foundever's chairman, CEO and co-founder, said, "The CX industry has changed dramatically since we founded this company 30 years ago, moving from manual, local interactions to global, digital-first interactions. However, CX remains rooted in human-to-human interactions and for over three decades, the company has sought to innovate and adapt while remaining strongly human-centric in the solutions it offers." Uberti further stated, "I am proud to say that we have successfully grown from a small startup to a global company that manages over 9 million consumer conversations and insights daily to help our clients on their digital transformation journey. The launch of Foundever is an opportunity for us to return to our entrepreneurial roots and simplify CX for the brands we support every day."

Foundever combines an agile global force with an award-winning entrepreneurial spirit, enabling it to have the scalability and digital know-how to support the world's biggest brands as they develop the best CX strategies for their customers. With support available in over 60 languages and multiple sites spread across 45 countries, Foundever has a truly global reach, with a $4 billion annual turnover. Its team of 170,000 people worldwide gives the company the ability to serve over 750 brands across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe.

Olivier Camino, Foundever's global COO and co-founder says, "consumer demand is changing and brands must be able to deliver customer experiences quickly and with a greater level of complexity. Since we founded the company, we continue to evolve and transform to meet today's needs, finding a balance between human and technology. The employee experience is the customer experience and the company is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive people culture, creating an environment that helps our Foundever family not only achieve their goals, but exceed them."

The new brand celebrates the knowledge base on which the company was founded. Always evolving, the company today maintains the same principles on which it was founded, with the same level of curiosity and passion. "Found" represents the constant curiosity to seek innovation to create solid solutions and "ever" stands for agility and the constant need for continuous adaptation to market and customer needs.

Foundever continues to offer the same high quality CX solutions that Sitel Group and SYKES are known for while evolving to integrate new solutions and cutting edge technologies, analytics tools and CX solutions tailored to brands' current needs. When solutions are developed for clients, the Foundever team is committed to learning, designing and integrating solutions to ensure they meet the specific needs of each client, including knowing individual cultures, values and operating models at a human level to address the unique challenges of each business.

Based on its core values of creativity, engagement and connection, Foundever offers a range of high quality services, which include customer service, business optimisation, self-service and bots, analytics and AI, social media for CX, Web3 and training and development. Foundever's CX solutions accelerate digital transformation by combining deep insight and data analytics to drive operational transformation. The company also prioritises sales and customer retention services, technical support, back-office support, collections and safety and security to ensure customers are properly served.

For more information, visit the company's new website at