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TAIKAI captures investment of two million euros. The focus is to bet on new markets and solutions

TAIKAI captures investment of two million euros. The focus is to bet on new markets and solutions
Executive Digest · 07 Sep 2021

TAIKAI raised a €2 million round led by the German FinLab EOS VC Fund. The round also includes the participation of Portugal Ventures, as a new investor, and Bright Pixel, which reinforced its investment.

The open innovation platform based on blockchain technology intends, with this investment, to scale the business, enter new markets, and strengthen the offer. To do this, it is recruiting for various positions and intends to reach up to 24 people this year.

The pandemic did not slow down the operation of the Portuguese company, as lockdown and social distancing "driven the adoption of the virtual format of programming marathons (hackathons), a trend that accelerated the growth of TAIKAI across borders".

The round of two million will be applied to the geographic and services expansion of the platform. "With this investment, it will be possible to reach more markets, supporting companies in the process of innovation and recruitment. We also intend to support the evolution of the ecosystem as a whole, fostering a culture of constant innovation that goes beyond large companies, reaching also SMEs and startups so that this innovation process is in their DNA”, stresses Mário Alves, co-founder, and CEO of TAIKAI.

"TAIKAI has enormous potential, not only for the use of EOSIO software, but also for the ambition to become an integrated solution for innovation and hiring processes in any company, driven by an ambitious and talented team", explains Theo Woik, Managing Partner of FinLab EOS VC Fund.

Rui Ferreira, Vice President of Portugal Ventures stresses that this project "will enter a new phase of business development with the support and know-how of Portugal Ventures to expand into new markets, and revolutionize recruitment in Portugal and Europe through its platform, which already has more than 50 thousand developers”.