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Talkdesk launches 1st remote edition of Tech Dojo, to recruit 50 people

Talkdesk launches 1st remote edition of Tech Dojo, to recruit 50 people
ECO Economia Online · 22 Sep 2020

Talkdesk has opened applications for the 3rd edition of Tech Dojo, a program to hire recent graduates in computer engineering. This year's edition will be 100% online and is therefore open to students from anywhere in the country. Applications for the first phase are now available and the company wants to recruit 50 people at the end of the program.

"We will do a completely remote onboarding, which will include an initial period of about three intensive weeks of online classes. They will then be immediately integrated into their respective teams, where they will implement what they have learned and contribute to the development of new products”, explains Francisca Matos, talent director at Talkdesk.

"Tech Dojo has been an initiative greatly appreciated by participants who, having just left university, still do not have the knowledge of the real world of work. Thus, this is not just a recruitment process, but an adaptation and immersion. We believe that, by doing it in a differently, we are creating a strong relationship with the company, which is essential to feeling motivated and part of the team”, explains Francisca Matos, talent director at Talkdesk.

Tech Dojo aims to immerse the new talent in the company and put participants on real projects - in the fields of software development, quality, and testing, data science, and operations development, security and support -, accompanied by senior engineers and experts in different technologies, so that, after a period of six months, they can be a part of the company permanently.

"Tech Dojo was conceived, from the beginning, as a space for immersion and in-depth training, whose basic principle is learning through error and practice; by analogy with the etymological meaning of the term "Dojo", which comes from Zen-Buddhism and designates a place of enlightenment, in which the monks practiced meditation, concentration, breathing, and physical exercises”, explains the company.

By the end of the year, Talkdesk intends to recruit 300 professionals, with different experiences and from different parts of the world, with the aim of reaching the 1,000 employees in R&D in this period.