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TeamViewer aims to hire 200 in Porto

TeamViewer aims to hire 200 in Porto
Dinheiro Vivo · 05 Jun 2021

Engineer Mike Eissele is the CTO of TeamViewer, a German company known for its remote computer access tools present in over 2.5 billion devices, which is opening a new technology center in Porto after the acquisition of the Portuguese company Hapibot Studio. To Dinheiro Vivo, German Eissele admits that "there is an exciting time to innovate in the world of work" and that, to a certain extent, it is already possible to say "that augmented reality tools are already making virtual meetings more effective in sharing and interaction between stakeholders, better than face-to-face meetings".

The plan for Porto is ambitious and foresees, over the next three years the contracting of 200 new employees "to help us innovate in new products", in addition to the current 20 from Hapibot - by the end of the year the company will triple the team.

And why Porto? "We are growing rapidly and wanted a new research and development center in Europe (due to time zones, regulations and also university education) and the country (in particular, Porto) seemed to be the right place not only because of the talent it has, but because the tech area is growing a lot".

The company consulted other tech companies here and had good feedback and Eissele even admits that "Portugal will become a true technological hub for Europe". About Hapibot Studio, which develops software for online products and services (which combine art and science) already with augmented reality and on connected devices (IoT), "it was a way to quickly enter the country already with a team of convincing local and talented talents. Marcos Carvalho's (CEO of Hapibot) enthusiasm for innovation is contagious".

One of TeamViewer's most recent tools is LifeAR, which seeks to digitize the desktop, whether it's where we are in person (we can put virtual objects on it) or sharing what we do on the computer, to "give an extra to the videoconferencing experience".

In addition, it highlights the customized solutions "made to measure for business customers", which number more than 550 thousand. The tighter European regulation is seen as a differentiating factor for the company and greater confidence for consumers.