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TeamViewer settles an I&D centre in Porto

TeamViewer settles an I&D centre in Porto
13 May 2021

TeamViewer remote control software company claims for economic recovery and redress by setting up a technological centre in Porto. From the Invicta, the German business will develop solutions in the field of augmented reality and The Internet of Things (IoT).

"The recent acquisition of Hapibot Studio, the software development agency based in Porto, TeamViewer already kicked off its establishment in the city with a team of circa 20 highly qualified software and design engineers", reveals the German company in a news release.

TeamViewer, the Manchester United Football Team Shirt sponsor, also stated that its main goal is that the hub to be installed in Porto strengthens its strategy in the field of augmented reality and IoT, furthering that their main objective is that "this new site develops in a significant way in time as to become the key-component of TeamViewer’s I&D global organisation”.

The German company points out that the major reason to choose Porto to settle its technological centre "was a comprehensive set of factors, such as growth and cultural indicators, namely highly skilled available workforce, educational structures, regulatory framework, entrepreneurial mentality and quality of life”.

Mike Eissele, TeamViewer’s Technical Director Highlights that Porto has "many great universities and an extensive pool of talented engineers that are highly motivated to boost the next digitisation wave”, adding that "we are really excited to be an active part of such a vibrant technological hotspot”. Eissele goes as far as ensuring that the multinational is already "working in such a way to expanding the limits of our solutions and accelerating innovations with TeamViewer technology made in Portugal".

The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira is cited in the communiqué, stating that "TeamViewer’s decision to develop cutting-edge innovation in the areas of augmented reality and the Internet of Things, from Porto, is a strong evidence of the potential of attraction of Portugal as an emergent technological ecosystem”.

In turn, the President of the AICEP, the Portuguese Business Development Agency, Luís Castro Henriques, affirms that "TeamViewer’s cutting-edge technological project is telling of the outstanding skilled Portuguese workforce within the demanding technological ecosystem”.

Launched in 2005, TeamViewer is a leader company in Remote Software Innovation at global level, focusing on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. TeamViewer has been installed on over 2.5 billion devices, and it has up to 45 million devices online at any given time and provides software and support in more than 30 languages.