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Technology companies in Porto create a partnership to revolutionize the global health sector

Technology companies in Porto create a partnership to revolutionize the global health sector
04 May 2022
Verticare Systems is an innovative project for the health sector created by two of the most recognized companies in their areas of expertise and founded in the metropolitan area of Porto.
B-Simple is already a national reference in the health sector, with its solutions implemented in a wide range of hospitals throughout the Iberian Peninsula. In its turn, Group RIT is a cluster of technology companies based in Campanhã, Porto, and is recognized worldwide for its digital transformation projects, software development and low-code, cloud services, as well as multiple technologies in the global market.

Through a business alliance, B-Simple and Group RIT are now joining forces to accelerate the digitization of the global healthcare sector.

The new, wholly nationally owned company will be responsible for delivering hospital solutions as well as developing digital solutions adapted to the digitization of healthcare and services around the world.

The new products and solutions will reshape the future of healthcare and truly transform the way healthcare institutions and professionals do business every day.

Telmo Fonseca (B-Simple CEO) and Adérito Ferreira (Group RIT and Readiness IT CEO) are the main instigators behind the creation of this project.

"Our goal was to grow into new markets. In Portugal and Spain, the main healthcare institutions are already our clients and trust our solutions on a daily basis, expanding the reach of our products and vision," says Telmo Fonseca. Today, more than 300,000 patients are cared for daily with the help of the company's solutions, and in the near future, it aims to reach 500,000 patients.
This is where the possibility of creating an alliance came to light and talks with the CEO of Readiness IT began. Adérito Ferreira states that "Group RIT has a strategy of diversifying well defined industries, and the health sector has been the priority. Mainly, because it is estimated that in 2030, 80% of iterations between doctor and patient will occur through digital channels, being this the industry in which Telecommunications are most focused on contributing.”

Still, on the creation of this new partnership, he adds that "we had already done some projects with companies in the sector, and we quickly realized that it is the sector that will benefit most from the acceleration of the digital transformation of its processes, with very high benefits, both for institutions and for patients. This project made perfect sense to us.”

Verticare Systems will focus on two main objectives: the digital transformation of healthcare institutions, and the sale and integration of digital solutions for the sector. To do so, the company now relies on the current solutions already in place at B-Simple and also with the help of a wide range of experts who master new technologies for developing new solutions, creating health portals, performing system integrations, cloud infrastructures, among other technology services, digital and data-driven integration.

Despite its recent creation, Verticare is already receiving first contacts from companies all over the world. "We were recently in Latin America in meetings with potential customers and for very large projects. If we can close these new businesses, it will be excellent news for all of us," shares Telmo Fonseca, while adding, "but we have also established contacts with national institutions, from Spain, Germany, among other countries, and this is only the beginning.”

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