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The 23rd edition of P4P is back face-to-face where the theme will be Multigeneration

People4People will start the year 2023 with a completely free event that will take place in the IT company, COCUS Portugal, in Matosinhos, on March 21st.

The 23rd edition of P4P is back face-to-face where the theme will be Multigeneration
02 Feb 2023
The community, with more than four years of experience, has already accustomed us to intelligent meet ups that focus on current human resources themes, and this time will be no different, with the themes being debated in an informal format, led by reference speakers. Participants are invited to be part of the debate and take home new ideas and skills that can be applied in everyday life!

In March's event, the guests are Pedro Ferreira, university professor in the area of human resources and organizational behaviour, researcher in the areas of Generational, Employer Branding, and Engagement, and Manuel Padilha, Head of Software Development.

For Alexandra Monteiro, part of the meetup organization, this event "brings us the best of both worlds: the scientific and academic study on generations combined with the practical experience and implementation of strategies on a daily basis, under a human format, clearly made by people for people".

The good news doesn't stop there: People4People will arrive in Lisbon, in April, for the first meetup in the capital, in an important step to make this format reach everyone, extending the reach considerably.

To take advantage of the moment of acceleration, People4People will also launch more content on social networks, with a bolder positioning, thus betting on a brand commitment for the future.

"The leap to Lisbon will complement the periodic events in Porto and help People4People reach a larger audience, taking speakers with proven letters in the human resources area to share their ideas and empower everyone who wants to participate," says Alexandra Monteiro. 

To find out more, just log in to the community's social networks.

With free registration, to guarantee your place at the event, just click on the link: