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Tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal launch microsite to support tourism companies

Tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal launch microsite to support tourism companies
Diário Imobiliário · 10 Apr 2020

Tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal (TPNP) and Porto Tourism Association (ATP) joined forces in providing support to entrepreneurs and employees of tourism companies in the Region. Under the motto "Stronger North”, a microsite and a campaign with the motto "At home, but never alone” are officially online.

”This microsite is a tool that aims to simplify, clarify, support, in short, to help our private partners in destiny to find the best solutions to be able to fight this serious crisis, including supporting the preparation of applications for support created by the Government, and the think strategically about the future. The microsite is born out of a need, expressed by many entrepreneurs, namely micro-companies, to have consultancy at this time so difficult, that otherwise it would be impossible to guarantee ”, says TPNP president, Luís Pedro Martins.

For the President of ATP, Ricardo Valente "this is another step in the process of bringing the two entities together, at a time when Tourism and all its agents and actors must join forces, train resources and add the best skills to guarantee that the future of Porto and the Northern Region is the continuation of the trail of unique success that it managed to aim for in the second decade of this 21st century”.

"We will make available online and in real time, in a simplified helpdesk, the help of a group of employees, properly prepared to answer questions and help formalize access to the various supports. Some municipalities are making their technicians available to reinforce this group, in a sign of collaboration and between fantastic help”, says Luís Pedro Martins.

Also according to the two presidents, this office, through the microsite, will provide personalized and dedicated support to each sub-destination, either through chat or by phone, as well as providing a space to constitute a stock of contacts and opportunities business This platform will also provide a ‘Discussion Forum’, where it is intended to moderate the creation and sharing of a stock of ideas, allowing solutions to be found to combat the current crisis, as well as for the post-crisis moment.

"These are practical tools to help our stakeholders overcome the economic impacts of this serious health crisis and now also an economic one, while also preparing the way for a return to normality, which we hope will be as soon as possible”, underlines Luís Pedro Martins.